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Book 1 of the Kwanzaa series introduces children to Kwanzaa as an empowering tradition meant to instill a sense of cultural pride and values while helping them rise to their highest potential. 

Kwanzaa Kids Online 365 is an e-learning  resource that complements Book 1 and makes learning about Kwanzaa even more fun with digital coloring pages and activities!

Ages 3 to 9

corrected flag front cover -book 1 bleed.jpg
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Corrected flag -freeman town cover_2x.jpg

Book 2 of the Kwanzaa Kids Series was created to inspire critical thinking around the Kwanzaa principles. Innovative activities are designed to engaged your children's understanding of the role they play in uplifting their community. Your children will, also, develop awareness of the timelessness of these values as they learn how Kwanzaa principles relate to the empowerment of the black community historically.

Ages 8 to 12

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