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Giveaway Volunteer Agreement
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ROLE Creations makes the following commitments:


  • ROLE Creations agrees to create a promotional post that features the above company and its promotional product/ service being contributed to the Kwanzaa Countdown Trivia Game.

  • ROLE Creations agrees to collect the the name and contact information from the giveaway winner and relay this information to the above company providing the winner its product or service.

  • ROLE Creations agrees to provide the above company up to 10 minutes to promote their business product or service at the agreed upon time during the Kwanzaa Countdown Trivia Game (if applicable).

  • If the company has elected for ROLE Creations to promote their business product or service during the Kwanzaa Countdown Trivia Game, ROLE Creations agrees to do so providing that the business has kept their commitment to promote the Kwanzaa Countdown Trivia Game on their Instagram or other relevant social media platform. ROLE Creations will restate information about company's service or product according to specifications provided by company within this agreement. 

On behalf of my company listed above, I commit to:
If you would like to go live with ROLE Creations, which day(s) works best for you? The trivia game is planned for 1pm - 3pm until Sunday 12/26.
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Thank you for standing with us in the spirit of Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility) and Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)! ROLE Creations looks forward to partnering with you on this endeavor!

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