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About Us

Reclaim Our Legacy and Empower (ROLE) Creations, LLC is a woman and black-owned art-centered, content creation company.


The mission of ROLE Creations is to create innovative products that solve the problem of generational miseducation in the black community by increasing our access to authentic and accurate knowledge of our African history and culture.


We believe that self-determination must have roots in "knowledge of self."

This ensures that the social and professional ROLE the individual creates for themselves will be founded upon the purpose of reclaiming our powerful African legacy, stolen by centuries of oppression, and empowering black communities to mobilize the mantle we have inherited, that we may rise to and beyond the heights of our greatest potential.  


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Bridging the miseducation gap

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Do you need illustration for a project that uplifts the black community? 

Children's Self-Discovery through Art Workshops

Our art workshops are designed to teach African history while inspiring the creative genius in black children.

Content Creation

Are you looking to commission an artist for a portrait? 

Our Services
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