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The Kwanzaa Activity, Affirmations and Coloring Book introduces children to Kwanzaa as an empowering tradition meant to instill a sense of cultural pride and values while helping them to rise to their highest potential. Each page brings Kwanzaa facts, pronunciation guides, empowering affirmations based on Kwanzaa principles, activities to provide a foundational understanding or illustrations that give relatable examples of how children can use the principles of Kwanzaa as tools to enrich their day to day decisions. 


The activity book comes with, an e-learning resource that includes additional online coloring pages and activities that reinforce childrens learning about the Kwanzaa principles throughout the year. 

Kwanzaa Activity, Affirmations & Coloring Book, 2nd Ed: Book 1 +Kwanzaa Kids 365

SKU: KWA-1-2
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